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NEW - Historical Orthophoto AMS(B) 1956/1957

A new orthophoto obtained from aerial photographs taken by the United States Army Map Service (AMS) between March 1956 and September 1957, within the framework of the General Flight of Spain in 1956, has been added to the SITPA-IDEAS platform, also called American Flight of 1956, American Flight Series B, or simply American Flight. A cartographic mission carried out under the so-called Madrid Pacts, signed in 1953 between the governments of Spain and the United States which, among other agreements, meant the installation of American military bases in Spanish territory.

In order to obtain this image, it has been necessary to process 1.410 aerial photographs corresponding to the flight over Asturias, a cartographic treasure ceded to the Principality in 2022 by the National Geographic Institute, which in turn received it from the Air Force Cartographic and Aerophotographic Center, after the digitization of the frames in 2011, for general use and dissemination. The result is an unprecedented mosaic of images with a resolution of 50 cm per pixel, and an exceptional continuous and complete record of our territory, which allows us to know how the landscape, land use, infrastructure, cities, towns and villages have evolved at a key moment in the history of Spain and Asturias: the transit between the end of the autarkic stage and the beginning of Developmentalism, industrialization and the movement of the population from rural areas to urban centers.

The orthophoto is available for download in ECW format according to a scale of 1:10.000, and for connection through WMS and WMTS web services. It will also be possible to use it as a base map for the rest of the information layers accessible through the cartographic viewers and the Orthophoto Comparator Viewer, which makes it easier to compare this historical image with the rest of the orthophotographs available on the platform, from 1996 to 2021.

For more information, you can consult this link and this Story Map.