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During the first weeks of 2023, the following information layers included in the SITPA-IDEAS platform have been reviewed and updated:

  • Assets of Cultural Interest (Protection Points and Environments): three new BICs have been included, "Church of Santa María de Tina and Hermitage of Santu Medé" in Pimiango (Ridadedeva), "Church of San Pedro" in Arroxo (Quirós) , and the "Roman Baths of Valduno" in Valuduno (Las Regueras). Previously identified bugs in layers have also been modified.
  • Localities: the names of some localities have been reviewed and modified based on the Officialization Decrees of the official toponymy of Asturias.
  • Reference Points: two new reference points have been added in Oviedo and Gijón, and the values ​​of the RNIV_151 attribute have been modified.
  • Asturias: the regional limit has been adjusted by the coastline.
  • Fluvial Network: adjustments have been made to the lines in the mouth areas.
  • Hydrographic Constructions: the cartography of dams has been improved.
  • Hydrographic fills: adjustments have been made in the transition and mouth zones, as well as in their relationships with various hydrographic constructions.
  • Reservoirs: geometric adjustments have been made to adjust their delimitation to the hydrographic constructions (dams).
  • Lakes and Lagoons: geometric adjustments have been made to adjust their delimitation to hydrographic constructions.
  • Beaches (1:5,000): a new layer of beaches has been incorporated into the "Land Cover" theme of the Base Cartography 1:5.000. The pre-existing "Beaches" thematic layer in the "Map of Beaches and Lighthouses" has been converted to a point layer with the geographical location of each of the beaches included in this cartography.